WATCH NOW: Kenosha Unified’s Preliminary Plan for the Upcoming School Year Includes Mask Requirement | Local News


“All others are postponed and pandemic surveillance will continue,” Savaglio-Jarvis said.

She added, however, that further discussions would be held this week on the possibility of expanding options for field trips.

In-person learning

“We really encourage all students and their families to return to their schools for in-person learning,” said Savaglio-Jarvis.

While Kindergarten to Grade 5 will have an option for virtual learning, early education – ages 3 and 4 – will learn in school.

As with current protocols, students will stay with their class cohorts throughout the school day, including breakfast, lunch, and recess. The plan calls for students to return to libraries, art and music rooms for classes.

In middle and high school, students would return to a normal schedule, with seven to eight class periods per day. The choice of district and charter schools may differ depending on the program.

Under the new plan, students would also return in person on Fridays with normal early release. Gatherings of students in small groups may be permitted with appropriate space and distancing considerations and approval of the principal. Extracurricular activities would take place in person for students attending school in person or virtually with an approved safety plan.

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