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Vault Cultural Collective seeks help to advance the arts –

The Vault Cultural Collective (VCC) spoke to Strathmore Town Council about their recent successes working with arts and culture organizations to create a space for artists to thrive in Strathmore.

Carolyn Steeves, the president of the VCC, spoke about some of the ways the vault has been challenged and improved since its founding 22 months ago

“The first challenge was to create a place with a purpose and a means to attract the public to a showcase that would give all bands a home. All inventory is handcrafted by over 50 local artists so far and offered for sale on a commission basis. A cast of board members and volunteers became the driving force of the entire organization. The result is a unique store with a special ambience and terrain enjoyed by many guests and customers.

Steeves also made a few requests to the board including: developing an umbrella organization for arts and culture in Strathmore with the VCC at its center, extending the VCC Memorandum of Understanding for another 4 years, securing funding for an employee part-time and add an ‘arts and culture’ tab to the Town of Strathmore website.

The board has directed the VCC request to their administration and intends to respond to their requests shortly.

Either way, the Vault cultural collective is still going strong, bringing art and culture in a unique setting to the cultural landscape of the town of Strathmore.