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UPDATE – Mok Ian Ian becomes the new head of the Science Center and leaves the Cultural Office

Mok Ian Ian is the new chairman of the Macau Science Center board effective today (Wednesday), after a four-year term as director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), which s ended yesterday (Tuesday). Ms Mok has been appointed to serve at the Science Center with immediate effect via a dispatch from the Chief Executive published in the Official Journal today (Wednesday).

According to the Centre’s website, Ms. Mok has taken over the position of chairperson of the board, reports TDM Radio Macau.

Ms Mok sent a letter to IC staff yesterday saying it was her last day in the post and that she had accepted an invitation from the government to take up another post. In the letter, she thanked the entire IC team for their “support, understanding and tolerance.”

With a degree in journalism and master’s and doctoral degrees in Chinese theater studies, Ms. Mok joined the civil service in 1994.

She previously served as the head of IC’s planning department in 2000, then was appointed chief technician at the Government Information Office in 2017.

No announcement has been made so far about who will replace Ms. Mok as Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau.