The two new departments of the BJP to arm the executives of the UP with a “power of knowledge”


LUCKNOW A few months before the elections to the UP Assembly, the ruling Bharatiya Janata (BJP) party set up two new departments to arm its cadres with knowledge about the party’s ideology and the various initiatives it a businesses for the poor, women and marginalized segments of society.

These two departments – vibhag documentation (documentation department) and granthalaya e-pustakalay vibhag (electronic libraries department) – which will be established in all party offices at the UP will serve the dual purpose.

“It is important that the cadres know their party, its ideology, its initiatives and its history,” said a senior BJP official, explaining the reason for the creation of the new departments.

Since the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, various leaders not rooted in the “vichar parivar” philosophy, as the RSS-BJP and its ideologically aligned affiliates are called, have joined the party.

“With the UP 2022 polls expected in about seven months, more leaders from other parties could be imported. But once in the BJP, these leaders should also embrace the party ideology, ”the party leaders said.

The BJP has opened offices in all 75 districts of the state. It has so far opened offices in 53 districts and by November the party would have its offices in 69 districts.

“So far, we have purchased 8,000 books for the electronic library and soon all of our district offices will have their own libraries,” said a BJP official.

“The cadres of a party with such a great heritage as ours must know the past and of course, the golden present,” said a party leader.

TD Degree College Ballia Librarian Ram Milan Ram, who has been appointed State President of the “granthalaya e-pustakalaya vibhag”, said: “We intend to get books on all political leaders, great personalities, including those of other political parties. ”

BJP office libraries are said to have books on all the BJP greats, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a BJP leader said.

“Libraries would also serve as resource centers to arm the framework with the details of various initiatives. The larger plan is to also have material on issues like farm laws or party service activity during the peak of the Covid wave, available at these libraries so that executives can arm themselves with facts and counter the bluff of the opposition, ”said a leader of the BJP. .

Rajkumar, head of the documentation department, said: “Documenting the rise of the party since those early days is not a one-off exercise. It is continuous work, which will help the next generation to keep abreast of the party’s struggles.

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