The Truth About Dating Through Class Divide


Obviously, partners who have had drastically different upbrings may encounter problems that might not arise in a relationship between two people from similar socio-economic backgrounds. People of very different social status may be more likely to clash over important issues, including money management; conflict resolution; career goals; Political Views; how to raise children; how to spend free time; life choices and relationships with in-laws and extended families.

Sarah Louise Ryan is an expert on dating and relationships, and she says that while interclass couples can have a lot of other things in common, sometimes it’s not enough. “These couples may find that their friends and family have different expectations of them socially, academically, economically and professionally, as individuals and as a couple,” she explains. “If couples don’t have open channels of communication resentment can set in and there really isn’t a lot of ways to get back from that feeling.”

For Catheryne, the differences between her and her ex were too much to deal with. “Having worked since the age of 16 for £ 4 an hour, I just couldn’t accept the fact that she had more money than my whole family put together,” says Catheryne. “I really think the big difference in our track record was what caused the relationship to end. I just couldn’t stay interested in someone who I thought had never known the taste of a real ordeal, as I have personally struggled to overcome socio-economic obstacles all my life.

But Poppy and Sadie managed to make things work, despite the class division in their respective relationships. “I really love him and try to educate him about how most people live in the real world,” Sadie says of her partner. Poppy’s boyfriend, meanwhile, “is doing a little better now,” she said. “He no longer sees himself as coming from a ‘poor’ household. I think his turning point was when we left our parents’ house and he had to survive on his own salary. Poppy’s story raises an important point: the right person can always learn, change and grow.

Ryan’s thoughts corroborate this. “Dating someone from a completely different class than yours isn’t insurmountable if you are able to find common ground and goals,” she says. “If after the early stages of finding mutual attraction there is a deep connection, I truly believe that there is nothing a couple cannot overcome with loving, respectful and fluid communication at all times. . “

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