Cultural centers

The Parthenon | Marshall’s new cultural center will open in early February

The new Marshall University Intercultural Center is due to open the second week of February to celebrate diversity, where they have a broad definition of diversity.

“We celebrate the unique things that make each student who they are,” said Shaunte Polk, Director of Intercultural and International Students. “Everyone has a unique diversity, it’s not something that’s black and white.”

Diversity and inclusion have always been important at Marshall University. The intercultural center will allow everyone from diverse backgrounds to meet in the same space.

“Historically, we’ve all had separate offices or spaces,” Polk said. “The Intercultural Center fixes that, it houses all these wonderful and rich cultural and diverse groups in one place”

The center will now bring everyone together and create one big space instead of walking to different spaces. The center is located next to Gullickson Hall.

“This new center definitely shows that Marshall is truly committed to diversity and inclusion by making sure these groups have spaces where they can come meet and talk,” Polk said. “People who are now interested in them don’t have to search high and low, you know you can come to the Intercultural Center.”

“You’re all welcome here,” Polk said for the center message.

The new Intercultural Center is located next to the Gullickson Pavilion and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.