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The Edges of Heaven Park in Hainan presents a rich cultural program – Society & Culture

HAIKOU /China/, February 8. /TASS/. Hainan Tianya Haijiao (The Edges of the Sky, The Corners of the Sea) Park in the city of Sanya presented a rich cultural program for tourists on the occasion of the Lunar New Year celebrated in East Asia, which the China celebrated from January 31 to February 6, the Sanya Daily reported.

According to the publication, due to the growing popularity of family activities, the park has tailored its events to children and teens as well as adults. The local administration provided its young visitors with interesting workshops on poetry, calligraphy, music and drawing, and ensured that everyone had a good time. The management of Tianya Haijiao invited leading artists and cultural figures who helped create a unique festive atmosphere.

According to the newspaper, tourists were excited to visit the park. Many of them expressed their sincere gratitude to the organizers, saying that they had had an unforgettable experience.

“We will continue to explore the unique potential of Tianya Haijiao in the field of history and culture, <...> provide a harmonious combination of cultural traditions and tourism, we will contribute to the active development of the park,” the local administration promised. As stated in the statement, one of the main objectives is to “create a particularly welcoming atmosphere and to establish a closer interaction with holidaymakers”.

Tianya Haijiao (The Edges of Heaven, The Corners of the Sea) in Sanya is considered one of the most romantic tourist spots in Hainan, officially turned into a recreation area in 1984. It is a popular meeting place for lovers with a long cultural tradition. The park covers an area of ​​16.4 square kilometers and its coastal area is full of ancient rocks with brief remarks carved on them by several famous Chinese historical figures to express their feelings about the park. One such person is the writer and politician Guo Mozho (1892-1978), who originated the concept of the park’s name.