Several Kelowna Groups To Benefit From Recovery Grants Program


Eighteen local non-profit sports and cultural organizations have been selected to participate in Kelowna’s one-time Restoration and Sustainability Grants program.

For many in the sports and creative industries, closures and canceled seasons have strained their viability.

Participation in the program will give them the opportunity to prepare for the future of their organizations after the COVID restrictions are lifted.

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<p>The following organizations have been selected to participate in the program:</p>
<li>Across the Lake Swim Society </li>
<li>Kelowna Ballet </li>
<li>Central Okanagan Heritage Society </li>
<li>Central Okanagan Wrestling Association </li>
<li>Okanagan Francophone Cultural Center </li>
<li>Chamber music Kelowna Society</li>
<li>Kelowna Community Music School </li>
<li>Kelowna Curling Club</li>
<li>Kelowna Skating Club </li>
<li>Kelowna Speed ​​Skating Club </li>
<li>Kelowna Visual Arts Center Society </li>
<li>New vintage theater company </li>
<li>Alternative Association of Okanagan Artists </li>
<li>Okanagan Track and Field Club </li>
<li>Okanagan Gymnastics Center Society</li>
<li>Okanagan Mainline Football Society</li>
<li>Okanagan Mission Hall Association </li>
<li>Kelowna Opera House</li>
<p>“All participating organizations continue to be affected by the pandemic and are ready to start preparing for the future,” said Christine McWillis, director of cultural services.</p>
<p>“We are pleased to be able to offer this program to support them throughout the initial stages of the recovery process.”</p>
<p>All organizations have already started the initial stages of this process to meet program requirements and will continue to develop their action plans in the fall. </p>
<p>At the end of their action plan, organizations will receive funds to support their recovery ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. </p>
<p>For more information on the recovery and sustainability program, visit <a

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