Roselle Park, NJ woman won’t remove profane anti-Biden signs


ROSELLE PARK – Andrea Dick has no plans to remove the anti-Biden signs hanging from his yard fence despite the threat of a $ 500 a day fine starting next week.

Signs stating “F ** k Biden, not my president”, “Socialism feared, Biden blows” and “F ** k Biden” with an image of former President Donald Trump giving a middle finger, are hung at Dick’s fence near the Aldene Primary school in Roselle Park.

Mayor Joe Signorello told New Jersey 101.5 that Dick had political signs in his yard for the past two years, but he started receiving calls about the secular signs on Friday.

“We have an ordinance on books that prohibits sexually profane things and anything that is secular in nature. Nine times out of 10, it would be a little less of a problem if it wasn’t right next to a school, but it’s literally a block from an elementary school, ”Signorello said.

Dick received an inspection notice ordering him to remove the signs by Monday, facing a daily fine of up to $ 500 and a court appearance.

“Freedom of expression in matters of politics is obviously totally limited. The problem arises when using secular sexual language, especially near an elementary school. All we ask is that it s. ‘comply and withdraw them,’ said Signorello. “She can put up any pro-Trump signs she wants as long as they’re not sexual and vulgar in nature.”

Signorello, who is a Democrat candidate for the State Senate in the 21st Legislative District, said Police Chief Daniel J. McCaffery was a family friend of Dick’s and tried to talk to him about the signs.

Dean told New Jersey 101.5 that she is within her rights to post whatever signs she wants on her property and that no children who attend Aldene School walk past her house.

“The kids don’t walk on my street. There are no kids on my street. They walk down the main street to get to Aldene school. And even when you get to the corner, that fence is back where you can’t see her around the corner. You have to be in front of my house to see it, “Dick said.

She said her residents on “the other side of town” were complaining about the signs and not about her neighbors. Dick said there were two reasons she put up the signs.

“Our country is going to do it all fast and number two I’m 100% a Trump supporter. I feel like the election has been stolen from him. I don’t understand why we can’t go to the polls and vote when we could wear a mask to go to the grocery store, to go to Target, to go to Walmart. We could go shopping but we couldn’t go and vote, ”Dean said.

Pursuant to an executive order from Governor Phil Murphy, all New Jersey voters received a ballot for the November election due to the pandemic and capacity limits in place at the polling stations at the time. The ballot could be returned to a designated ballot box, to a clerk’s office, or mailed.

As for Signorello’s concern about children seeing secular language, Dick said the mayor held a “drag queen bingo” event at the library with high school students.

Signorello said the event was held two years ago for Pride Month by the administrators of the library, who act independently and are not a government agency.

“There was no sign for it so it wouldn’t have been a violation of the ordinance we are talking about,” Signorello said, adding that he attended the event.

Dick said Signorello participated in the Black Lives Matter protests which included chants and signs saying “f ** k the police”.

“They’re not going to learn the F word from my signs. They’re going to learn it on the radio, they’re going to learn it on TV, they’re not going to learn it while walking past my house. It’s my right, the First Amendment, free speech to have these signs. And I’m not taking them down, ”Dick said

Dick said the order she is accused of violating related to nudity and that she would prosecute. A lawyer said that once she received the city’s complaint, she would have a better idea of ​​the next step.

“It’s all political. I’m going to hold on, I’m going to go through with it,” Dick said.

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