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Postdoctoral position in intellectual history and/or cultural sociology with NORD UNIVERSITY

Post-doctorate (Two years) in intellectual history and/or cultural sociology

Northern University
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About the job
The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of the North invites applications for a temporary full-time position as a postdoctoral fellow. The candidate will join the project “Words and violence. Literary intellectuals between democracy and dictatorship 1933-1952”, funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of the North as a large-scale interdisciplinary research project.
The duration of employment is two years with no obligation to teach. In addition to pursuing individual research, the recruited person will be expected to participate in the research environment at Bodø and join the project team in data collection and analysis, interpretation and publication thereof. .

About the project
The Words and Violence project aims to analyze democratic resilience and the vulnerability of cultural life in the 1930s and 1940s, using both statistical and qualitative approaches. The Norwegian experience is compared to that of other countries under Fascist occupation during World War II, notably France. Researchers examine why writers, translators and intellectuals made the choices they did, in the face of censorship and terror, and a new type of public investment in culture, orchestrated by dictatorship. The aim is to produce solid knowledge on historical issues that are hotly debated and of obvious contemporary relevance, but which are rarely studied in a systematic way. The problems of the politics of memory and public history are highlighted. The project consortium is made up of academic experts from various universities and research institutes, and is led by Professor Kjetil Ansgar Jakobsen.

About the proposal
For this call, we invite applicants to submit a personal project proposal related to the research project. The sketch can relate to individual authors or artists of the time, or ask questions about cultural life in other countries under occupation or dictatorship. Projects could examine controversies from the interwar and war years over “culture wars”, national identity, censorship, fake news or conspiracy theory, in light of similar discourses today. today. Projects relating to the history of freedom of expression are particularly welcome. Theoretically advanced projects are welcome.

Qualification requirements

  • The successful candidate should have completed a Ph.D. in social sciences or humanities
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required for this position.
  • Fluency in other languages ​​relevant to the Words and Violence project will also be appreciated.

Qualified candidates will be ranked by

  • Sketch of the submitted project and professional profile, interest in the project and the quality of the publications and written work submitted
  • Personal qualities will be emphasized
  • The motivation of the candidate to apply for the position
  • Proficiency in languages ​​relevant to the project will be taken into account

We offer

The salary for the position is in accordance with Norwegian government regulations, kode 1352 postdoc. – 24 litres, NOK 534,400-574,700. For specially qualified candidates – salary to be agreed. Mandatory payroll deduction is paid to the Norwegian Civil Service Pension Fund.

  • Good loan, insurance and pension plan in Norwegian civil service pension fund
  • Creative and collegial work environment
  • An ever-changing workplace
  • Flexible working hours
  • Wide range of sports and leisure activities for university employees.

general informations
The successful candidate must comply with the laws, agreements and instructions applicable to the position. We reserve the right to make changes to the responsibilities and scope of work associated with the position that may result from future organizational development and reorganization at University of the North.

The government workforce should reflect the diversity of the population as much as possible. The University of the North therefore encourages qualified applicants with disabilities, with gaps in their CV, from an immigrant background or with alternative education, work and life experiences to apply. The university has a moderate gender quota policy in accordance with the local adjustment agreement which falls under the basic agreement for the Norwegian civil service.

Any information about reduced functional abilities or gaps in CVs may be used for anonymous registration purposes.

For more information about the position, please contact:
Dean Elisabet Ljunggren, tlf. +47 75 51 75 73, ext: [email protected]
Project Manager/Professor Kjetil Ansgar Jakobsen, tlf. +47 75 51 73 69, ext: [email protected]

Applications must be submitted electronically before 15.04.2022

All relevant documents should be uploaded as attachments to the application.

The electronic application must include:

  • An application letter containing a description of why you are applying for the position
  • A complete CV (training, work and teaching experience and overview of any scientific publications).
  • Certified copies of relevant transcripts, diplomas and certificates.
  • Full copies of a selection of three of the most relevant publications and an overview of these
  • The doctoral thesis must be attached as one of these works. Applicants are asked to prioritize the three most important works and provide a rationale for the prioritization.
  • A concise outline of the project must be attached to the application, max 3. pages.
  • Documentation of other activities deemed relevant to the position that the candidate would like to see considered in the assessment.
  • Contact details for 2-3 references (names, relationship to candidate, phone numbers, email address).
  • Applicants with a doctorate outside the EU/EEA must attach a statement from NOKUT.

Complete electronic documentation must be submitted by the application deadline.

Candidates will be evaluated by an internal committee of experts. The candidates concerned will be called for an interview or other presentations.

Reference: 300141407