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Paul Harmon’s “Petite Voyage” arrives at the Customs House Museum & Cultural Center

CLARKSVILLE, TN – During 2020, Tennessee artist Paul Harmon has created over 100 works all under 10 inches. Most of these small oil paintings debut in the Planters Bank Peg Harvill Gallery at the Customs House Museum & Cultural Center this month.

With a selection of painted Harmon cans and bottles, the exhibition, The little trip, offers viewers still lifes and figures reminiscent of the artist’s much larger canvases. Among these familiar scenes is a forest of landscapes full of houses with red roofs and swaying trees, not often found in the Harmon series.

Harmon says of the work: “Regarding small oils (3 in 4, 4 in 5 and 5 in 7), I have always had a penchant for small amateur landscapes that I have admired in flea markets in Paris. Naive and honest, but without knowledge of the art markets or the like. There is an old saying that artists are art collectors who cannot afford to buy art. In this vein, I painted my own personal art collection, most often made by recluse and old widows from the hinterland. About the naive part, I’m not, but somewhere in the middle of painting several hundred very small paintings, I stepped away from the fast lane world and entered a very sweet and simple place.

Paul Harmon’s work is represented in numerous galleries, museums, large corporate and private collections in Europe, Asia and the United States. The collections include the Tennessee State Museum, the Tampa Museum of Art, the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Museum of the Principality of Monaco, and the city of Caen, France. Le Petit Voyage is visible until February 6.