Cultural centers

Opening of a cultural and creative boutique and a dining space at the Tap Siac Square shopping center The Mandarin’s House store extends the visit experience

MACAO, March 10 – To further promote the development of cultural and creative industries, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) has opened a cultural and creative shop and dining space at Tap Siac Square Commercial Center in rental of commercial space in the context of public tenders. On the other hand, with a brand new style, the Mandarin’s House Store offers cultural and creative products from local brands and foreign designers, Mandarin’s House themed souvenirs and creative products related to local cultural events, offering a marketing platform for Macau. cultural and creative industries. All are welcome to visit.

The recently opened Universal Gallery and Tap Siac Bookstore at Tap Siac Square Shopping Center (commonly known as Glass House) is operated by Oporto (Macau) Trading Company Limited. The boutique is a complex space comprising a bookstore, gallery and art studios, as well as a food court offering coffee, light meals and a take-out service. In addition to exhibiting and selling local cultural and creative products and books, the shop will also invite local and foreign artists to hold exhibitions, cultural activities and art workshops, thus providing an environment for reading and learning. comfortable exposure combined with the cultural and creative atmosphere around the Press Place Siac. In addition, a new restaurant “The Portuguese Taste” operated by the School of Arts and Crafts of Casa de Portugal em Macau (CPM) offers Portuguese cuisine and sells handicrafts created by its teachers and students as well as local artists. .

Operated by HOHO – DESIGN, Mandarin’s House store has incorporated the features of Lingnan-style residential houses to create the traditional ambience of an old Macau boutique. Visitors can buy cultural and creative products from local brands and foreign designers, souvenirs on the theme of the House of the Mandarin, as well as creative products related to local cultural events. In addition, the store, in collaboration with a local Chinese bakery founded over 60 years ago, is launching a limited-edition gift box under the theme “Traditional Pastries X Macao’s World Heritage”, offering a wide variety of cultural and creative souvenirs. to residents. and tourists.

By renting the commercial spaces through public tenders, IC has successively opened different cultural and creative shops in its facilities, such as the C-Shop of Nam Van, Anim’Arte NAM VAN and the Creative Casa of Taipa Houses, to promote the sustainable development of cultural and creative industries in Macau. For the latest information, please check the IC website at or the Macau Cultural and Creative Industries website at