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Notify Department of Education of any Festivals or Cultural Events: From Government of West Bengal to Colleges | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: The state government said Thursday that all colleges will have to notify the state department of higher education of all festivals and cultural events they hold. Education Minister Bratya Basu said, “The Nazrul Mancha incident is unfortunate. It is undesirable. From now on, the state will keep tabs on college parties. ”
The police began to ask the organizers to commit themselves to the turnout and the number of passes issued. Organizers have been asked to keep their own guards for crowd management and to ensure medical units and facilities are on standby. Police on Thursday took such a company from Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management which will hold its festival in Nazrul Mancha on Friday.
In a related development, the athletic department has asked Surendranath College to “postpone” their festival scheduled for June 8 at the Netaji Indoor Stadium. The information reached the college on Thursday after passes were printed mentioning that Mumbai singers Sunidhi Chauhan and Jubin Nautiyal will be part of the programme. The athletic department briefly advised the college that an unscheduled state program was to be held the same day at that site.
The 2,480-seat Nazrul Mancha had undergone renovations last year with upgraded air conditioning and acoustics. An internal KMDA investigation indicated that there was no problem with the air conditioners, but two entrance doors needed repair as well as damaged seats. Over 7,000 people attempted to enter Nazrul Mancha during KK’s concert on Tuesday night. “Contrary to suggestions, ACs are fine. Fresh air could have been blown out due to open entrances. Fire extinguishers were used before the event started. All repairs are being undertaken immediately,” an official said.
The KMDA has indicated that it will add stricter clauses while allowing permission for any event or concert at Nazrul Mancha. “Now there are clauses before giving permission which prohibit organizers from letting in more people than the seating capacity. He asks organizers to bring generators if a larger electrical load is needed. Apart from this, a nod from the police and KMC is also required,” an official said.
Nazrul Mancha security guards were asked to monitor the crowd and notify the cops in the event of a crowd. KMDA will also require organizers to provide a standby medical unit or ambulance at events.
It has also been suggested that student programs be banned in Nazrul Mancha as it becomes difficult for cops to use force to disperse students if there are crowds. “No decision has been made yet,” an officer said. Joint CP (HQ) Subhankar Sinha Sarkar said they will greatly increase the presence of cops in Nazrul Mancha.