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CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–February 16, 2022–

NOCD, the world’s leading provider of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (“OCD”) treatment, has chosen Violet as a partner to enhance NOCD’s current therapist training programs. Violet is an innovative company that has standardized how to measure a provider’s cultural competence, compares them, and then offers curated pathways to improve a clinical team’s ability to deliver culturally appropriate care. With the wide range of races, cultures and identities that seek behavioral healthcare, training that fosters the development of trust with their therapist and improves communication with patients adds to one of NOCD’s core values. – providing personalized care.

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NOCD is the leading behavioral health provider offering effective, affordable, and convenient exposure and response prevention (“ERP”) therapy to end the global OCD crisis. NOCD virtually treats patients in all 50 states, the UK, Australia and 6 provinces of Canada. NOCD therapists come from all over the United States and Canada, treating both children and adults. They understand that treatment begins with developing trust and respect for the patient’s beliefs, backgrounds and orientations.

NOCD’s Member First mission aligns with Violet’s values ​​of achieving health equity by providing inclusive care. One in two Americans will have diverse identities by 2050, and Violet believes closing the health gaps for those identities starts with the provider. As such, Violet created the infrastructure for inclusive care. Violet’s core offering is to benchmark providers on their journey of providing inclusive care, provide curated training to improve their skills, and recognize their growth. A particularly key differentiator for Violet’s exclusive education is that clinical skills and cultural humility are taught.

“NOCD doubles the skills of our team and invests in the growth of our supplier as well as the success of our members, by being able to strengthen our ability to understand the specific needs of each individual”, Stephen Smith, co-founder and CEO of NOCD. “Together, NOCD and Violet will work to prove that by standardizing and measuring inclusive care among therapists, NOCD will be able to provide even more personalized and identity-centered care journeys that will ultimately lead to better outcomes for the patients.”

“Violet is beyond excited to partner with NOCD to not only create personalized, identity-focused care pathways for their patients, but also to understand the true impact on patient outcomes when cultural competence is assessed and cultivated,” said Gaurang Choksi, Founder and CEO. of Violet. “As an early partner, NOCD will help us shape our educational platform and begin to give us a more detailed picture of how the vendor cultural competency landscape looks in relation to each other.”

About Violet

Violet ( is creating the first-ever inclusive care infrastructure in the healthcare industry through benchmarking, development and recognition of provider cultural competency. Violet helps providers understand where they are on their inclusive care journey and provides both clinical skills and cultural humility education.

For more information on what Violet is building, visit us at to schedule a demo.

About NOCD Inc.

NOCD ( is the leading telehealth provider for the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (“OCD”) and the leading community-based therapy company. NOCD helps people get their lives back with clinically proven treatment for OCD by removing barriers to care and reducing the stigma associated with OCD. Inside the NOCD platform, members can quickly access a nationwide network of licensed therapists who specialize in exposure and response prevention (“ERP”), the “gold standard” for treatment. of TOC. Together with our therapists, patients, health plans, providers and employers, we improve the lives of people with OCD.

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