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This column was submitted by Evangeline Cessna, Local History Librarian at the Warren – Vicksburg County Public Library.

This week, we’re featuring books from our new adult non-fiction collection.

We have five new books in the NOLO Legal Guide Series. The first is “The Essential Guide to Nolo’s Divorce ” by lawyer Emily Doskow. The author uses compassion and expertise to explain how to make divorce less painful, with tips on how to understand the divorce process, work with lawyers or mediators without breaking the bank, minimize day-to-day conflicts with your spouse and stay calm so that you can make good decisions. Doskow also explains your legal rights and options when it comes to child support and custody, child support, property division, and drafting a marriage settlement agreement.

Second, we have “Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Keep your assets and pay off your debts over time » by lawyer Cara O’Neill. The author explains which Chapter 13 debt solutions are not available with Chapter 7. You will pay in a repayment plan, but your money will go to the debts that matter most i.e. your mortgage, your mortgage. car loan, your maintenance obligations and your taxes. It also explains other features of Chapter 13 that allow filers to keep all property, avoid vehicle seizure and repossession, pay the fair market value of a car, and stop lawsuits, wage garnishments and direct debits.

Then there is “Rights of the tenants of Nolo » by attorneys Janet Portman and Ann O’Connell. We’ve all been there… The owner ignored your repair requests. Your roommates are late again with their share of the rent. Your upstairs neighbor is partying all night. Your landlord refuses to return your security deposit. How do you deal with all of this? This book will help you find legal ways to break a lease and leave sooner, sublet your apartment, deal with unwelcome landlord intrusions, resolve a dispute with your roommate, get your entire property back. bail when you move and fight against discrimination or retaliation.

Finally, we have “Legal guide for each owner and Legal guide for each tenant » by Marcia Stewart and lawyers Janet Portman and Ann O’Connell. “Legal guide for each owner » helps you stay within the law and make money as a homeowner. It offers help with legal, financial and day-to-day issues from move-in to move-out. It contains tips on how to pick and choose tenants, prepare leases and rental agreements, avoid discrimination, invasion of privacy, personal injury and other lawsuits. You will also learn how to terminate a tenancy for non-payment of rent or other lease violations, how to prevent tenants from renting their accommodation on Airbnb, and how to deal with pests, molds and lead risks. “Legal guide for each tenant » gives you legal and practical information to find a good rental and a landlord. You will learn about your rights regarding pets, guests, deposits and privacy. You will also learn how to get repairs and use rent holdback or repair and deduct if you have to, avoid disputes with roommates over rent, deposits, guests and noise. It also contains tips on how to tackle illegal discrimination, retaliation or sexual harassment, how to navigate state and local rent control laws, break your lease with minimal liability, and recover. your security deposit on time.

We have three new titles in the “Big ideas simply explained ” series by DK Publishing. “The book of medicine “ seeks to answer questions for the layman such as: How are diseases diagnosed? What is cancer? Why are some pandemics so deadly? This book is written in plain English and cuts through medical jargon to offer witty explanations of the most important milestones in medical history. It also offers step-by-step diagrams and illustrations that explain difficult concepts.

“The Book of Islam” answers questions such as: Who was the Prophet Muhammad? Why do Muslims fast in Ramadan? What does the Quran say? What do Muslims believe and how is Islam practiced today? This book introduces the key beliefs of the faith and explores its many facets, including its contributions to science, literature, art, and architecture over the centuries. This book is also written in plain English with diagrams and illustrations to bring the text to life.

“The Book of Mythology” examines myths from all continents and significant periods of history, from ancient Egypt to the Celts, and from the Mayans of Mexico and Central America to the Aborigines of Australia and the Maoris of New Zealand. Explore the creation stories of the world’s great cultures, let yourself be carried away by tales of classic heroes like the legend of King Arthur or the adventures of the Monkey King, or shed a tear over heartbreaking tragedies such as the devastating tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. This book – divided into seven sections – is also written in layman’s terms and includes graphics and boxes that summarize the sources, settings, and key characters, as well as the main plot points and place the stories in their historical context. .

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