Cultural managements

Lagos Government and Creative Designers Guild organize cultural exhibition for children

By Taiye Olayemi

The State Chapter of the Creative Designers Guild of Nigeria (CDGN), in collaboration with the Lagos State Government, will host the first edition of the Creative and Cultural Expo on June 10.

Ms. Joy Osawaru-Akinyemi, President of CDGN, at a press conference Thursday in Lagos, said the essence of the exhibition was to familiarize children and young people with the national culture.

“We have found that certain aspects of our culture are no longer practiced by the younger generation.

“Thus, as a guild of costumers, makeup artists, hairdressers, props artists and set designers, we will enlighten our young people on certain aspects of our culture.

“Our desire as CGDN is also to make culture a tool for re-engineering our film industry and selling our nation to the world.

“This exhibit will showcase our creative design skills as we represent our cultural diversity with each state chapter of 16 states making an exhibit of what is authentic to their states.

“For us, as creative members of legitimate business, we believe that one way to revamp our economy and build a better society is to accept the role of culture as creative capital that can be used to add economic value to society,” she said.

Osawaru-Akinyemi commended the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture for their cooperation in organizing the first edition of the program.

Furthermore, Mr. Leo Omosebi, the director of the event, said that the theme of the program would be: “Exploring cultural creativity through entrepreneurship”.

Omosebi said the guild would use the exhibition to educate young Nigerians on available entrepreneurial skills they could adopt for financial independence.

According to him, there will also be a panel discussion where topical issues will be debated, with a particular focus on how young people can be productively engaged in the audiovisual industry.

“We want young people to know that there are aspects of the film production process that they can adopt to be creative and responsible.

“The exhibition will be held at Citiheights Luxurious Hotel in Ikeja. We call on young people to make it a date with us,” he said.

Mr. Innocent Abah, a make-up artist, said costumes from different tribes will be on display during the exhibition along with make-up presentations. (NAN) (