Jerusalem Municipality to Preserve Reches Lavan as National Park


The Jerusalem municipality will work to preserve Reches Lavan and Nahal Refa’im by declaring them national parks, the municipality said Thursday.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion also informed the planning and building committee that the municipality will not allow construction or development on the slopes near the Hadassah University Medical Center, except for expansions of the hospital.

“This is not just a practical announcement, but a statement of a policy that preserves Jerusalem and its natural values ​​and places them at the forefront of urban activity,” Lion said. “This represents a deep conviction that in Jerusalem as a great growing and expanding city, for its inhabitants and for future generations, the concern for preserving its past and the concern for future generations is and will be reflected in the preservation and protection of nature and the environment. “

In a press release, Lion stressed that the developers had gone “beyond” to preserve the sources of Reches Lavan, but that the decision to pursue a declaration of the area as a national park had been taken because their efforts could not be enough. to fully preserve the site.

Plans to build thousands of housing units in Reches Lavan have already been approved by the district planning committee. The construction plans have sparked controversy as activists have worked since plans were announced to block them in order to preserve the region’s natural resources.

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