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India still suffers from cultural slavery today, says Anurag Thakur

Although India won its freedom in 1947, it suffers from Sanskritik partantrata (cultural slavery), Union Minister Anurag Thakur told Porbandar on Tuesday. He also said that Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister who revived India’s religious, spiritual and pious traditions.

Modi has taken one step after another for the cultural upliftment and development of the country, Thakur said in a public meeting during the Madhavpur Mela, an ongoing cultural fair in the village of Madhavpur.

“Under the leadership of PM Modi, there is cultural uplift and development. India gained political freedom on August 15, 1947, but is still a victim of Sanskritik partantrata (cultural slavery). After 2014, cultural nationalism took center stage in political discourse and I have full confidence that under Modi’s leadership, India will continue to consistently preserve and promote its culture,” the Minister of Information, Broadcasting, Youth and Sports Union.

Thakur gave the example of the ongoing construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, Kashi Vishwanath corridor development and Kedarnath to highlight Modi’s push on cultural development.

“Sardar Patel had the temple of Somnath rebuilt and if anyone did the work of beautifying it afterwards, it was Narendra Modi… Modi’s successive steps for cultural upliftment and development of Indian culture have proven that heritage and development can go hand in hand. India today is rediscovering its lost heritage. On the one hand, India today is constantly walking on the path of development while returning to its civilizational and cultural roots,” Thakur said.

President Ramnath Kovind inaugurated the Madhavpur Mela on Sunday. The five-day annual cultural fair celebrates the marriage of Lord Krishna to Goddess Rukmini, a native of Arunachal Pradesh. In 2018, the state government took over the event by expanding it and inviting troops from eight states in the northeast region and their top ministers to the event.

“The small village of Madhavpur witnessed the marriage of Lord Krishna and Goddess Rukmini. If anyone has taken the initiative to start a fair internationally in Madhavpur, it is Narendra Modi,” Thakur said.

Criticizing previous Union governments for their policy towards the North East region, he said: “…As soon as the saput (good son) of Gujarat, Bharat Ma ke lal (the son of Bharat mata) Narendra Modi was given the opportunity to become the prime minister, he came up with the Act-East policy instead of the look-east policy of previous governments,” he said.

Addressing the meeting, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh said that the geographical distances between different parts of the country have shrunk after the BJP came to power in the Center in 2014, signifying the integration of the country. “Today I came here for Madhavpur Ghed festival. Manipur is on the border of Myanmar (in the east). Gujarat and Porbandar are on the (western) border (of the country). It takes four hours for a direct flight to get here from there. In my heart, I feel that we are able to connect India so quickly. I am going back the next day. So India has become so small after arrival (at the power) of the BJP and Modi,” Singh said while addressing the meeting.