ICM Mobility Group acquires Unwire, specialist in ticketing and mobile payments


Join Vix Technology, Kuba, Snapper and Littlepay to provide complete solutions to transport operators around the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark, June 4, 2021 / CNW / – ICM Mobility Group announces the acquisition of Unwire, joining a group of companies with a portfolio of solutions deployed in more than 100 cities around the world, making travel and payments more efficient for everyone world.

Unwire is an innovative Danish company founded in 2001, specializing in mobile mobility and payment solutions. Situated in Copenhagen, over the past two decades, Unwire has implemented mobile mobility and payment solutions for transport agencies around the world, including projects in Dallas and Phoenix, in partnership with other companies of the ICM Mobility Group.

Unwire’s unique white-label mobility platform is a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution, which brings together a wide range of mobility services, from traditional transit to micromobility, paratransit, carpooling and other multimodal options. Providing passengers with extensive planning features, including a multimodal journey planner with full integration with on-demand microtransit booking and planning systems, it allows users to seamlessly plan, book and pay for their multimodal journeys.

Unwire will retain its brand and independence, while benefiting from close collaboration with other companies in the ICM Mobility group, including Vix Technology, Kuba, Snapper and Littlepay. With the financial backing of globally diversified long-term investment fund manager ICM Limited, the group collectively employs over 1,000 highly talented individuals operating in 20 countries.

Steve gallagher, the President of ICM Mobility Group said: “Having previously worked closely on projects such as the award-winning GoPass application for DART in Dallas, Texas, Unwire is a proven cultural fit for us.

“Within our group, each company is empowered to share its industry experience, knowledge and understanding of the market to drive innovation and new services. Unwire’s expertise in building gateways, APIs and backend integrations to the infrastructure of banks, payment processors and transportation operators will prove invaluable to our customers around the world. “

Jesper thor rasmussen, the CEO of Unwire added, “Joining the ICM Mobility Group will allow us to bring our innovative solutions to more agencies and develop an even better platform for a wider audience. This will reinforce Unwire’s goal of helping cities become more sustainable and make transit the easy choice. We look forward to developing new ideas and solutions as well as leveraging combined experiences to add even more value to what we can offer.

About the ICM Mobility Group

The ICM Mobility Group enables public and private transport to enter the digital age. From smart journey planning and ticketing to streamlining electronic payments and providing information, ICM Mobility Group invests and partners with companies shaping the digital transformation of the mobility industry. To learn more, visit www.icmmobility.com

ICM Mobility Group is part of ICM Limited (“ICM”), an international fund manager and corporate finance advisor with expertise in listed equities, private equity and fixed income. ICM directly and indirectly manages $ 24 billion, and specializes in the following investment sectors: utilities and infrastructure, financial services, mining and resources, mobility and technology. To learn more, visit www.icm.limited

About Unwire

Unwire is an innovative Danish company founded in 2001, specializing in mobile mobility and payment solutions. Unwire is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and has 25 highly qualified and dedicated employees. Over the past two decades, Unwire has implemented high quality mobile solutions with leading transportation companies, merchants and financial institutions around the world.

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