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Fostering the Growth of Cultural Artists with TAFE NSW and Ramsgate RSL Indigenous Fellowships | County Leader of St George and Sutherland

Indigenous students wishing to pursue studies in cultural arts have been encouraged to apply for scholarships.

TAFE NSW and Ramsgate RSL have partnered to offer five scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants.

The National First Scholarships are worth $1000 each and will be offered to applicants who wish to pursue Certificate IIII or IV Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts or Certificate IV Photography and Digital Imaging at TAFE NSW Eora.

Ramsgate RSL Commercial Director Nicole Heinrich said the new scholarship scheme offered Indigenous students an exciting opportunity to get a head start in their studies.

“The Board and Management of Ramsgate RSL are proud to have partnered with TAFE NSW Eora to provide a community scholarship,” she said.

“We understand the importance of education and know that this scholarship program will help aspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students get a head start in their careers.”

The qualifications equip students with the practical skills they need to preserve and make sense of important history through drawing, printmaking, painting, photography and sculpture, while focusing on understanding their cultural identity. .

Richard Cass, head of skills team at TAFE NSW Creative and Design Ideation, said the partnership would make it easier for budding cultural artists to pursue formal study.

“[It will] help them start telling their story through art, preserving history and helping them regain their sense of place,” he said.

“Indigenous cultural art is thriving and there is a high level of interest, both nationally and internationally, in commissioned works and gallery exhibits.

“Students may also discover that the practical skills and knowledge they acquire throughout the course could lead them to work in galleries, museums and jobs as cultural educators and tour guides.”