Fantastic Four: Indian app developers create good vibes, with support from Apple


While waiting for WWDC, here are four Indian app developers creating some good vibes, with support from Apple

GtrLib agreements: Bijoy Thangaraj

It is rare to find a simple but useful application. But if you are a guitarist, it will grab your attention. GtrLib Chords offers a comprehensive collection of guitar chords, offering all possible positions of any chord across the entire fretboard, along with its fingering and audio demo suggestions.

“For GtrLib chords in particular, I was looking for a complete chord library. Traditionally we learned them from books and most books only listed a few forms for each chord and the information was very limited. Most of the chord library apps were the digital translation of these books. Another important aspect that I noticed was that most of the existing chord library apps were created by developers with limited knowledge of music or by popular brands hiring outside developers (which doesn’t translate to always by a good product) ”, says Bijoy Thangaraj, chief programmer and founder of JSplash Apps. He is a music producer and professional musician who plays piano and guitar.

The guitar has been an integral part of her life and her collection includes PRS SE Custom (“My first touring and studio electric guitar”), Fender Precision Bass (“She has a unique bass sound that fits perfectly into n ‘ any mix and I love it ”), Taylor 414ce-R (“ The tone of the rosewood body runs through the mix and requires very minimal processing. ”) and Yamaha CS40 Nylon (“ I use it to document song ideas. or to refer to something on the neck while writing code for my applications. ”) He also owns a Kohala AK-C Akamai concert ukulele.

Bijoy Thangaraj of GtrLib agreements

Apple hardware helped him develop effortlessly running applications which improved the music learning experience. “The Apple ecosystem definitely has an advantage over Android in terms of device fragmentation. I can be more confident that my app is running on an Apple device, while there is still some uncertainty about whether an app will be supported on any of the different devices running Android. Audio apps work better and consistently across Apple devices. Connecting with the Developer Relations team at the end of 2019 has been the best thing that has happened to me since being part of the Apple Developer Program (which I have been a part of since 2011), ”says Thangaraj, whose learning music The apps – Music Tutor and Aural Wiz – are used in many schools and have been recommended by many music teachers. Its pro-music apps, such as Tuner T1 and Rhythm Pad, are used in stages and for jamming by popular bands and artists.

NaadSadhana: Sandeep Ranade

Sandeep Ranade is behind NaadSadhana

An app game changer for classical musicians. You can perfect your notes, tempo, raga, taal, etc. with precise audio-visual feedback, scores and statistics. It is possible to engage in musical dialogue and creative juices flowing with intelligent artistic melody, harmony and rhythm that improvise in real time.

“Even before the pandemic, NaadSadhana had already become a very important companion for me, my students and many users of the app. With the pandemic, he has become an irreplaceable part of the musical journey. As NaadAdhana has evolved, adding features like automatic harmony, more melody and percussion instruments, multitrack recording and mixing, and improved AI, it has become a one-stop app for practice, performance and publication. I was able to create studio-quality recordings for my music videos, while working from home, and in the fraction of the time and negligible cost of going to an actual studio, ”says Sandeep Ranade, who powers the application. Ranade is also a singer, songwriter and educator and student of the late Pandit Jasraj.

As Apple hardware becomes more agile, Ranade hopes it will “unlock richer, deeper, smarter and more creative analysis and decision-making.” “Even today, NaadSadhana is an iOS exclusive app because no other platform has a low latency audio stack or so many building blocks for complex audio processing, neural networks, analysis, etc. As Apple leads the pack in innovation, this will make switching to other platforms more impossible than they already are! Events like WWDC, Accelerator Labs, and Apple’s Rapid Support help reduce development friction, painlessly embrace cutting-edge technologies, and spur innovation, ”he says.

Oga: Ashish Rawat

Ashish Rawat invented Oga

Whatever your level of dancing – Shakira or Lorde, Pharrell Williams or Bono – the Oga app will set you free. There is no one to judge except you. Walk through a TikTok-style stream to choose which dancer you want to compete with, then place the phone vertically on the floor to allow the camera to follow (without compromising your privacy) your movements before moving on to “three, two, shake.” “. You can challenge your friends, participate in dance battles, and share whacko moves on Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Behind Oga is Ashish Rawat. The 27-year-old started his career working with different start-ups to solve problems using cutting-edge technologies such as AR, VR and advanced computer vision techniques. Since his job kept him tied to the desk for long hours, it was extremely difficult for him to maintain a healthy workout routine. Although he enjoyed working out at his local CrossFit studio, he was unable to attend regularly due to his irregular work schedule. Boom, the idea.

The virtual fitness market has seen massive growth during the pandemic. “We have accelerated the launch of our beta phase to ensure that our potential users can get their daily dose of dance fitness which, until a year ago, was enjoyed in their respective studios. Covid -19 has been an extremely miserable time in our entire lives, however, the bright side for all of us has been seeing families and friends come together on our platform, dance and fight while vying for who is the best dancer. All of this is provided to our users as part of our virtual studio experience, ”says Rawat, who graduated from the University of South Wales with a bachelor’s degree in computer game development.

Marvis Pro: Aditya Rajveer

Aditya Rajveer powers up Marvis Pro

There are times when we want more of the Apple Music UI or iCloud Music Library; we want it to be more personal. Enter Marvis Pro. A multitude of options will keep you busy every two days.

“Being an Apple Music user with a large library of over 15,000 songs, I felt like I was always listening to the ones that were added most recently, because this is the home page of the music app. native to iOS, while there are certainly playlists, albums, and more, it felt handy to listen to the most recently added because it was right there; call me lazy but I also heard this from other users. So in Marvis I have built a home page which is a customizable screen which is built from user choice sections, the sections are also customizable and can be built from presets such as Recently Played , Recently Added, Most Played, Top Rated, etc. but more importantly, section media can be filtered and sorted using smart rules of user choice, ”says Aditya Rajveer, freelance iOS developer and creator of Marvis Pro and WidgetPod, available on the App Store .

Born in Dhrangadhra, Gujarat, during his growing years his mother always wanted him to learn skills beyond what is taught in school and which included music. The original Marvis was premiered six years ago shortly after he had just dropped out of college. “The MacBook Pro I bought in late 2013 was my first and only Mac in seven years until I finally bought the Mac mini this year. He has seen so much and continues to operate, such a tough machine. “

The man is excited about the next iOS15. “IOS 14 was a massive update because it added support for widgets, and I updated Marvis to support a wide range of widgets, from a NowPlaying widget to a widget that allows you to ‘show data for a home section in widgets, something like Recently Played, Recently Added, Most Played, and whatever else you may have on the home page. But speaking of iOS15, we hope that other system extensions can be supported to take Marvis even further. “

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