Cultural managements

Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai Silicon Oasis celebrates cultural diversity on International Nurses Day

Led by Mr. Mohammed Fakih, Chief Nursing Officer at Fakeeh University Hospital, the celebration included several activities showcasing cultural diversity and connecting minds. Mr. Fakih added, “At Fakeeh University Hospital, we are committed to diversity and committed to being engaged, aware, knowledgeable, skillful and competent towards the culturally diverse patients and colleagues at the University of Fakeeh. Believing that together we achieve more, Fakeeh Teaching Hospital will continue to rally UAE nursing leaders to improve and advance the practice of nursing.

Based on patient testimonials and feedback, Fakeeh Teaching Hospital held a DAISY Awards Ceremony, an award given to a deserving nurse, honoring 24 DAISY nominees. The award was won by Ms. Shilpa Vinod, a Registered Nurse at the Women’s Health Unit of Fakeeh University Hospital.

A special photo exhibit titled “Diversity Illuminated” showcased the diversity within the nursing department and highlighted the hard work that takes place every day. Claudie Strydom, photographer behind this project, added: “It is very rewarding to help showcase the nursing industry and to have the freedom to express a story through images. Together with Marlies Klok, Head of Academic Affairs and Training at Fakeeh University Hospital, this year we focused on the wonderful diversity that goes beyond the cliché. Each image depicts an underlying and invisible diversity. The UAE has certainly mastered the art of bringing cultures together peacefully, and these images celebrate that.

Marlies Klok added, “I find it important to tell the story of the nursing workforce, the largest working group in healthcare. Following what Claudie explained, our idea was to portray the unseen diversity in the beautiful group of nurses at Fakeeh University Hospital as well as illuminating the importance of embracing diversity as a strategy to become stronger in the world at a time when a great shortage threatens the profession.”

Coinciding with the exhibition’s theme of cultural diversity, the nursing department designed different stations representing the different ethnicities that make up the working group, highlighting how these differences, when united and embraced, can influence health. of the nation and have a significant impact on global health and universal health care.

The two-day event witnessed the first Nursing Symposium of Fakeeh University Hospital titled “Connecting Minds”. The accredited program has endorsed nurses at all levels by addressing nurses’ role in risk assessment and management to improve patient safety and quality of care. Bringing together registered nurses from across the UAE, the symposium was an open platform to discuss both knowledge and challenges faced to ultimately work towards building a stronger nursing workforce.

The celebratory event concluded with the launch of the Fakeeh University Hospital Nurses Newsletter. This quarterly platform provides an ongoing opportunity for the Department of Nursing to share its stories, accomplishments and voice.

Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, Vice President – ​​UAE & Growth Office, CEO of Fakeeh University Hospital added, “Diversity is one of our main pillars here at University Hospital of Fakeeh. Fakeeh. We celebrate it every day through our work. Our goal was not just to exemplify our culturally diverse staff, but to showcase the exceptional work that our nurses continually do. Putting our patients first every day , it was their day.