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Disney’s Cultural Representation Program Returns to Walt Disney World in August

Disney has announced that its Cultural Representative program will return in August after being suspended since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States in 2020. Cultural Representatives are people who work at Walt Disney World for a set period of time and are there to represent their home country in parks and resorts.

According to Disney, “Cultural Representatives play an important role in our storytelling by helping us create authentic and immersive experiences for our guests, as they share the culture, heritage and traditions of their country that have inspired our resorts, pavilions and theme parks. »

These employees can be easily spotted in the World Showcase section of EPCOT, where 11 different international countries are represented by large pavilions. Each of the pavilions is staffed with cultural representatives who wear traditional clothes and can teach people about their country. Cultural Representatives are also commonly found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, where Representatives act as hosts for restaurants, animal viewing guides, and as front desks at the entrance to the main hotel buildings. .

To kick off the relaunch, Disney is reaching out to participants from a small group of countries whose program was shortened, canceled or waitlisted in 2020, as well as those who had a job offer but who had not yet arrived at Walt Disney World. After the first round of applications, Disney will allow others to apply. Initial recruitment will begin in Germany, Norway, Italy, France, UK and Canada for the World Showcase at EPCOT. Disney will allow additional countries, such as China and Morocco, on board under two conditions: when they have lifted travel restrictions and when they have the availability of CDC-authorized vaccines.

The news follows the relaunch of the Disney College program, which resumed at Walt Disney World in June 2021. This program brings students and recent graduates from across the country to work at Walt Disney World theme parks for a semester. . while learning valuable life skills while earning college credit.

Disney fans have lamented that the lack of cultural representatives at Walt Disney World parks and resorts negatively impacts their overall experience. Part of the joy for many fans of EPCOT or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is interacting with these employees, learning about their home country through stories, and being able to share a common Disney fun.

The return of the cultural representation program continues to prove that Disney management is still looking to bring its parks back to pre-pandemic operational standards and bring back programs loved by guests and workers.