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Cultural immersion programs for children offered at the Global Village

Schoolchildren will enjoy the center and will travel the world without ever leaving the city.

INDIANAPOLIS — Since it opened last March, thousands of people have passed through the doors of the Global Village Welcome Center, located west of Indianapolis.

Now, thanks to a federal grant, schoolchildren will be the next group to take advantage of the center and travel the world without ever leaving town.

“We’ve created a place where everyone should be able to come together a bit here,” said Mary Clark, the center’s director.

By next summer, elementary school children will be the ones making this discovery, through 55,000 square feet of cultural exhibits from around the world in what was once a Value City furniture store on Lafayette Road.

“The earlier kids are exposed to different cultures, the sooner they accept and understand that it’s okay if people look different,” Clark said, explaining that kids will come to the center and learn about different countries through experiences. cultural immersion workshops.

“They come here on a Monday and they can go to China and spend the whole day learning about China, whether it’s music, arts, food and most definitely culture,” she added.

A team of educators and experts are currently developing the workshops, which are expected to launch next summer.

The $500,000 grant that makes it all possible comes from the American Rescue Plan Act.

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The funds will be spread over two years.

After that, Clark hopes other companies and foundations will want to scale up and continue what the initial capital started.

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“Our goal is to show that our differences are not so different. So one day China, the next day Nigeria, the next day Sydney, Australia. Where do you want to go?” Clark asked smiling.

It’s a question Indianapolis school kids will be asking themselves a year from now. A question where every day the answer can be different.

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