Cultural managements

CRIT President and Vice-President meet with BLM Director on cultural resources

CRIT President Amelia Flores and Vice President Dwight Lomayesva met with Director of the Federal Office of Land Management Tracy Stone-Manning to discuss the proper treatment of cultural resources located on public lands in tribal members’ ancestral territories.

The February 8 informal meeting was moderated by CRIT Consultant Sara A. Clark, Partner at Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger. Although informal, Tribes says it represents “an important step for CRIT in addressing this issue with a senior federal official.”

The question of how to deal with tribal cultural resources when they are discovered on public lands has long been a priority for the CRIT Tribal Council, with what the tribes call “more than a decade of tireless advocacy”. An interview with President Flores helped provide a historical narrative in a recent history awarded by the Republic of Arizona (link) on the Blythe Intaglios.

At the meeting, tribal leaders were assured that the BLM was revising its policies to avoid disturbing cultural sites and to allow reburial of resources when sites had been disturbed.

President Flores said: “Cultural resources are not renewable resources. They should not be disturbed because in most cases the damage cannot be repaired. After meeting Director Stone-Manning, I look forward to positive changes.