Children’s art competition a partnership between the historical society, schools


“Red Canna” by Georgia O’Keeffe

To all Garden City students, Kindergarten to Grade 12, the Garden City Historical Society is delighted to announce a fun and exciting art competition that was launched on April 15, with final submissions being expected on May 28!

The art competition is a collaboration with Nina Prasso, Ed.D., district coordinator of music and the arts.

On the theme of hope, spring, a new day, the concept is to imitate the art of Georgia O’Keeffe, who was inspired by nature.

All young artists can participate in the “Blooms of Garden City Virtual Art Show”. Submissions can be in any medium. Two winners will be awarded for each score; each winner will receive a carefully curated box of art supplies to use for their next masterpiece PLUS a gift card!

Find out how to participate at, or consult your art teacher for details. Final submissions expected on May 28, price mid-June.

Looking for inspiration? Visit the First Market at the Historical Society Gardens on May 1 at 109 Eleventh Street to see over 100 different plant varieties carefully selected for TGCHS. Stay, draw, paint, grow!

The Blooms of Garden City Virtual Art Exhibition was designed by Lee Harned, Art Advisor, Tara Zysopoulos, Digital Advisor and TGCHS Administrator Jessica Jones and Agents Jon Segerdahl, Bill Garry.

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The Garden City Historical Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Society raises funds to help cover the maintenance and operating costs of the Society’s AT Stewart-era museum building (circa 1872), as well as to support the Society’s fundraising campaign to restore the exterior of the historic Company building.

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