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Sugar dating is not a new concept, but online sugar dating is fairly new. Rich sugar daddies now use websites to meet sugar babies who can help provide companionship in exchange for material or monetary rewards.

It’s mutually beneficial!

If you want a website where you can get the sugar relationship of your dreams, you’re in luck. We took a look at some of the best sugar daddy websites to give you the rundown on the best places to meet sugar daddies, sugar mommas, and sugar babies online.

Here are the 11 best sugar daddy sites and why you should try them!

Top 11 Sugar Daddy Sites

1. Best sugar site overall – Seeking
2. Great for casual dates – What’s Your Price
3. Best verification process for sugar daddies – SugarDaddyMeet
4. Safest sugar daddy website – EstablishedMen
5. Best if you love to travel – Miss Travel
6. Best site security – RichMeetBeautiful
7. Luxury sugar dating – SugarDaddie
8. Find married men – Ashley Madison
9. Find rich men – EliteSingles
10. Top app – Sudy
11 Gay sugar daddy options –

1. Seeking – Best Sugar Daddy Website Overall

Seeking or Seeking Arrangement is one of the oldest sugar daddy sites you can find online.

This sugar daddy date site lists the number of active subscribers at around 10 million, making it one of the best sugar daddy sites when it comes to having the highest number of members.

What we like about Seeking Arrangement:

• Excellent User Ratio – This sugar daddy website claims that the number of sugar babies outnumbers sugar daddies on their website, which might make it the best sugar daddy site for a sugar daddy to find a sugar baby.
• Google Play – You can download the site’s sugar daddy app to always stay in touch with a potential friend or sugar baby.
• Over 139 countries – This might make the website an excellent option for men who are seeking partners from another country.
• Free sign-up – The site doesn’t charge a fee for signing up. A premium or paid membership plan is available, though, if you want to try the site’s premium services.

2. What’s Your Price – Best for Casual Sugar Dates

What’s Your Price might be the best sugar daddy site for men looking for casual dates.

The site claims to have around 4 million active subscribers. This might be the best sugar daddy website for rich men because of its date bidding system which is very unique.

What we like about What’s Your Price:

• Useful Search Filters – You can filter search results based on personal preferences. This filter might make looking for compatible sugar babies quicker.
• Excellent Customer Support – The site has an extensive Help Center that offers quick answers to usual customer concerns
• Bidding System – This sugar daddy website has a bidding system so you can find sugar dates. Daddies bid on dating a baby for as little as $10.

3. SugarDaddyMeet – Best Verification Process for Sugar Daddies

SugarDaddyMeet is a sugar relationship website that’s been operating since 2007.

It has international versions making it one of the best sugar daddy websites geared towards local sugar daddies and babies. This sugar daddy dating website has multiple extra features that you can benefit from.

What we like about it:

• Limited Operations – SugarDaddyMeet limits its operations to 20 countries that have high living standards. This might make it easier for you to find wealthy men looking for a mutually beneficial relationship.
• No Catfishing – Moderators verify information that you include in your profile, including pictures. This might help reduce bots and catfishing scams.
• Lots of Free Features – This sugar site has many free features available to everyone. Everybody can reply to messages, write comments, send winks, and like another person’s photos… even if you have a free account
• Mobile App – The iOS & Android mobile application might be ideal for searching for a match on the go
• Customer Support – If you need assistance, you can contact the site’s customer support via email or send a message through SugarDaddyMeet’s social media accounts.

4. EstablishedMen – Best For Female Sugar Babies

EstablishedMen might be the best sugar daddy site when it comes to providing customer support.

Customer support is available to you 24/7, which is handy if you’re not in a local timezone when you need help finding your sugar baby or daddy.

What we like about EstablishedMen:

• Easy Sign-up Process – Signing up for EstablishedMen takes just a few minutes
• Advanced Search Filters – You can try the website’s search filters to make searching for an ideal match easier. Advanced Search Filters allow you to search for women or sugar babies of a particular age, height, or location.
• Gift Sending – You can send flowers, perfumes, clothes, shoes, or bags to a potential first date. You can even send shopping sprees and vacations!
• Send Flirts – Flirts are short messages that you can send to others; this might help you get the attention of a member that you have your sights on
• Free Messaging for Females – EstablishedMen gives female members the ability to chat with other women for free. This might be a great help for new female members who need assistance from other members.

5. Miss Travel – Best for Luxury Vacations

Miss Travel is a sugar dating website that caters to travel lovers. Unlike other sugar sites, customers create travel proposals to entice other members in Miss Travel.

If you’re looking to get whisked around the world by a handsome guy, look no further.

What we like about it:

• Customized Trip Proposals – You can fully customize trip proposals – great if you’ve always wanted to visit Europe, Thailand, The Maldives, Dubai, wherever!
• Customer Service – Miss Travel provides you with several ways of getting customer support. You can send an email or submit a ticket. You can also send a direct message through Facebook.
• Verification – Miss Travel provides a Verified Badge to subscribers who passed the verification process. This might be helpful if you’re wary about the identity of the person you’re meeting.

6. RichMeetBeautiful – Best Sugar Daddy App

Sugar daddies are often wary about the security of their data when they join sugar daddy websites. However, this should not be an issue with RichMeetBeautiful.

The site uses several layers of security, utilizing 256-bit encryption, Norton, and SSLTrust to protect identities. Great for keeping your private data a secret!

What we like about it:

• Genuine Profiles – Profiles are manually verified for authenticity, which might help you avoid posers or those with fake profiles.
• Link Your Facebook – You can quickly create a profile by simply linking your Facebook account. You have the option to add more detail later on.
• Mobile App – RichMeetBeautiful’s mobile app is available on Android & iOS.
• Free Messaging – Female subscribers can send messages for free to other females, which might help if they have little to no experience in sugar dating.

7. SugarDaddie – Best Luxury Sugar Site

SugarDaddie is a sugar daddy dating site that’s well-known to the public. It has been featured in the news and popular TV shows such as The Dr. Phil Show.

It’s also known for its luxurious, upscale feel that appeals to high-end sugar daddy men.

What we like about it:

• Easy to Use Website – The website is very straightforward and user-friendly.
• No ads – Unlike other websites, SugarDaddie’s website doesn’t have online ads that some members might find annoying.
• Unlimited Photos – The site allows you to upload as many photos as you want. Take as many as you want to get the guy’s attention!
• Subscription Plan Options – You have several options when it comes to subscription plans, so you can find the perfect service for you.

8. Ashley Madison – Best for Married Men

If you are afraid of other people finding out that you are using a dating site, Ashley Madison might be the one for you.

This site is known for ensuring that members’ identity and their activities are not known to non-members. The whole idea is that it’s for married people who want to cheat on their spouses.

What we like about it:

• Mobile App – It has an app that’s available for download for both iOS and Android.
• Share What You Want – Sugar daddies and sugar babies have control over what they want to share on their profiles, so you can keep certain things to yourself if you prefer.
• Payment Options – A sugar daddy can make payments using credit cards, Prepaid VISA/Mastercard, or PayPal and even using gift cards.
• Log Out Remotely – You can remotely log out of your account. This might help subscribers who don’t want other people to see their Ashley Madison profile if they forget to log it out.

9. EliteSingles – Best for Rich Men

If you belong to an older age bracket, this might be the sugar daddy dating site. Elite Singles have a segment for people ages 50 or up who want to try online dating.

What we like about it:

• In-Depth Questionnaire – Elite Singles uses a questionnaire so you can get to know other users better before getting in touch for a date.
• Wildcard Matches – Premium subscribers may get wildcard matches – ideal if you’re too shy to make the first move.
• Easy-to-use UI – Elite Singles’ user interfaces both on its website and on mobile apps are appealing.
• Expert Tips – Elite Singles provides subscribers with expert tips on making their profiles more appealing to other subscribers like yourself.

10. Sudy – New Sugar Daddy App

Sudy is an excellent option if you’re looking for a great dating mobile application. Sudy’s mobile application is available for both iOS and Android subscribers.

If you’re a sugar baby on the go, this app is a great tool for you.

What we like about it:

• Income Verification – An income verification badge is great if you want to date sugar daddies of a particular income range.
• Sudy Talks – This feature might be useful if you want to exchange relationship ideas with other people.
• Find Sugar Dates Nearby – This feature allows men or women to find other subscribers who live nearby. This is great if you want to keep dates local.
• Free Search Filters – Sudy’s search filters are available to all users and not just premium subscribers. This helps you narrow down search results based on personal preferences.

11. – Best Gay Sugar Daddy WebSite

One thing that makes stand out from other sugar daddy dating sites is its gay options. While it does have plenty of options for heterosexual arrangements, it also allows gay sugar daddies and gay sugar babies to go on dates too.

Perfect if you need some LGBTQ+ daddy sugar!

What we like about it:

• Gay Options – Unlike other dating sites, offers options for users who are looking for gay sugar daddies and sugar babies.
• Varied Premium Options – The site offers Platinum and Diamond membership plan options to users. Diamond membership might be ideal for you if you want your profile highlighted in search results above all the rest.
• Online Checks – accepts online checks as payment. This is great if you want to keep your credit card bill free from unusual transactions!

Sugar Daddy Website FAQs

What is sugar dating?

Sugar dating is the practice of dating between an older but financially well-off person and a younger attractive person who needs financial assistance.

These are mutually beneficial relationships.

A sugar baby receives payment in cash, gifts, clothes, jewelry, and other forms of support from the sugar daddy or sugar momma.

On their part, sugar mommas and sugar daddies receive companionship or a dating relationship from the sugar babies.

Is sugar dating legal?

Sugar dating is legal.

However, sugar babies, sugar daddies, and sugar mommas should make sure that the activities they engage in during dates are not illegal.

There can be a fine line between sugar dating and escorting.

What city has the best sugar daddies?

If we’re talking about sugar daddies that spend the most on their sugar babies, then the answer is Los Angeles.

On average, sugar daddies in Los Angeles spent around $5,710 per month on sugar dating sites. This is the average monthly budget that includes money spent on gifts, sugar dates, and sugar babies’ allowances.

What is a good allowance for a sugar baby?

There is no set monetary amount for allowances because sugar babies have different lifestyles and needs.

In general, a good allowance for a sugar baby is an amount that will make sure that the sugar baby can maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Are sugar daddy websites free for women?

It depends.

Most of the time, women still need to pay if they want to have a premium plan on sugar daddy websites.

However, some sugar daddy sites like SugarDaddyMeet provide women who meet their criteria with free premium membership plans or give them access to free messaging features.

Conclusion – What Is The Best Sugar Daddy Website?

While there are many sugar dating sites on the scene these days, you won’t find a site much better than Seeking.

Seeking has over 10 million users and is available in 139 countries with a free signup process, so it’s great for sugar babies on a budget.

However, What’s Your Price is also one of the best sugar daddy websites thanks to its unique bidding system and advanced search filters that make it great for both daddies and babies alike.

Whichever sugar dating site you end up using, we hope you find the perfect match for your needs. Good luck out there!

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