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Art exhibit at Summerland George Ryga Arts and Cultural Center showcases love of nature – Penticton News

An art exhibition celebrates nature

An artist passionate about nature will open the first gallery exhibition of the season for the George Ryga Arts and Cultural Center on Thursday.

Linda Lovisa’s Roots, Resilience, Rejuvenation will be on display at the art gallery until February 25.

“When I look at what I have created for over 40 years as an artist, the most common theme is that of trees in the forest. I have documented my love of trees at different stages of their life. The seedling, the tree, the stump; what is your story i ask? I photograph, I draw and I know exactly how I’m going to represent it in my work before I pick up my brush, ”Lovisa told the Summerland Community Arts Council.

“I imagine what they witnessed: the extreme weather conditions, the many events beyond their control such as logging and fires. A strain becomes a nursery which renews itself, gives until the end. The roots are strong and yet sensitive. A palette of primary colors, movement of my brush, blending directly on the canvas, I bring them to life. I think of oranges, yellows, browns representing heat, and I think of blue and purple tones representing shadows and depth.

Lovisa added that his work is aimed at all those who love the forest and those who wish to explore it more.

“I challenge myself to give trees a voice, to tell a story. “

Visit the gallery at 9525 Wharton Street Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.