8 small dating app alternatives to Tinder


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you, dear reader, are single. After nearly a year of floating in the waters of pandemic dating, the wormholes of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and all the other basic apps – you might be fed up.

Endless scrolling has its drawbacks. The world is theoretically your oyster, but you also have to roam the population of your entire region. Your thumbs and brain are tired of seeing the same face and the same again and again. Since we’re still stuck inside, you still have to meet online – but that doesn’t mean you can’t try something new.

New dating apps can be bumped up or missed. On the one hand, they cater to a smaller user base – which could be great if you’re part of a like-minded company. On another, you don’t have nearly as many options as you do with an app with . With these potential benefits and risks in mind, here are some new dating app options:

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

If you are particularly tired of to slide, Jigsaw can be for you. Describing himself as “anti-superficial encounters,” Jigsaw doesn’t even let you see your game until you have a conversation. The app places a puzzle in the face of a potential match, and the pieces fall only through the exchange of messages. Jigsaw is currently available in New York and London, with more .

You can download Jigsaw for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

S’More has a pushback similar to the usual sweep pattern. Like campfire dessert, S’More wants to offer its users “something more”. Similar to Jigsaw, it hides people’s faces – only on S’More, photos are blurry. Each day, users can choose eight profiles to view. Profiles include icons such as what this person is looking for, what activates them, what their zodiac sign is, and more. The more correspondence is transmitted, the more blurry the photos. For those moments of stay at home, S’More even has , where the first two of five minutes of conversation are blurry. All S’More users need a selfie verification, so there are no worries about cat fishing.

You can download S’More for iOS on the Apple App Store. According to them Faq, an Android app is coming soon.

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

Chekmate is another app that reworks the way we go out online. Chekmate was founded during the pandemic and aims to bridge the gap between online and offline dating by being textless. Instead, users communicate only through voice and video messages. While matches are easy to meet in person, the app suggests local venues and users can send each other invitations; given coronavirus trends in the United States, it might have to wait a while – but it could make post-vaccine dates much sweeter.

You can download Chekmate for iOS in the Apple App Store.

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

Chorus also tries to blur the lines of app and in-person dating, albeit in a completely different way than Chekmate. Chorus allows users to invite a friend to play Matchmaker and swipe for you; the only sweep on Chorus is done by the user’s friends. Buddies can also comment on your profile and comment on matches. Since the pandemic hit, the app has added a “roulette” option where users opt in and are matched to a spontaneous five-minute blind video date.

You can download Chorus for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.

For a similar experience, the dating app also allows your friends to swipe for you.

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

which uses much more than their sun sign (the “main” sign based on your birthday) to calculate compatibility. According to the app’s lead astrologer, Haley Comet, NUiT uses a complex algorithm that takes into account other factors, such as natal charts, which are diagrams that display the sun, moon, and planetary positions at the time. from birth. NUiT also received recognition from the queer community for a feature that I haven’t seen on any other app: an option to not see or be seen by straight people. For astrology enthusiasts – especially those who are queer – NUiT can result in a star aligned match.

You can download NUiT for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

Have you ever been on a date with someone to find out that they are a fan of a very problematic or just plain bad musician? You won’t have to worry about that with Vinylly, an app that matches you with potential suitors based on music compatibility. Users link their Spotify account to their profile, and the app uses streaming data to find matches. As the user listens, the algorithm adjusts and displays potential matches accordingly. The application also takes into account musical habits, such as attendance at concerts. If you are desperately short of live music, you can find someone to complain to on Vinylly.

You can download Vinylly for iOS in the Apple App Store. An Android app is coming this month, according to Vinylly website.

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

Instead of your Spotify account, Whisk uses your Twitter account. You read that right: on this app, your dating profile and your Twitter profile are one. It sounds weird, but it could actually be awesome. As Whisk proclaims on its website, “Rather than building your profile with the self-reported and unverifiable data that other dating apps are based on, Whisk uses the genuine and timely information from your Twitter account to show your true sense of purpose. humor, your interests and your opinions. ”Whisk is currently in beta, but you can try this social media dating experience .

8 dating apps that clash with the Tinder model

Having kids or being impatient to want them might scare off those looking for hookups on Tinder, but it’s . The dating app is specially designed for parents or aspiring parents, thus avoiding the potential embarrassment of raising children. When users sign up for heybaby, they answer a series of questions about their (potential) parenting style, plans for the future, etc. The goal of the founders is not only to match potential couples, but also potential parents.

You can download heybaby for iOS in the Apple App Store. the Site FAQ said to “stay tuned” for an Android app.

If you are discouraged by the best dating apps, know that there are plenty of other options to choose from. You may never have to slide again!

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